Friday, October 30, 2009


White Bean with Beef (served with rice)
White beans is one of the national food in Turkish

It was my first time to eat in a Turquoise Restaurant. I don't even have an idea on what their food would taste like.

As I saw the place, it looks elegant and by looking at it, passersby would like to enter the place. When I enter the place, I was a little bit shocked because there was no customer inside and to think the time was 12:15 pm.

Anyways, when I looked at the menu, the food in there are not so familiar to me. (Of course they are Turquoise food by the way, hehehe). I noticed in their menu, that they explained enough the food for the customers be guided what to eat. They serve Beef, Chicken, and Seafoods as their main course. They also serve Pasta and Pizza. Snacks are also offered from 8AM - 11AM and 2PM - 6PM.

There is also one thing I noticed in their menu, they don't serve Pork.

I ordered White Bean with Beef (served with Turkish Fried Rice) to eat. According to there menu, (because it was explained there) white beans is one of national food in Turkish.

I waited for 10 minutes before the food was served.

The riced they served is delicious and of course the main menu itself.

I enjoyed the food as well as the place.

I recommend the Turquoise Restaurant especially to those who would like to experience the Turkish taste.

Turquoise Restaurant is located at the left entrance of SM Davao. They started around November of 2008.

See the place personally.

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